Founder, Lee Davis believes our youth need to take charge of their future; and by  serving the community by empowering youth with the knowledge that will allow them to become self-sufficient and capable of living a quality Lifestyle. While encouraging youth to contribute back to their society that they were part of creating. Leading by example and demonstrating the importance of self-employment, job creation, and the career pathways of entrepreneurship makes all the difference in obtaining one’s goal. Many miscues for youth that struggle with locating employment is that they have to settle for what they fall into i.e. fast food, retail or warehouse employment; not fitting in to the norm jobs that require them to work for others — forever with no personal satisfaction, simply a cog in the wheel. Beautiful Minds Entrepreneurship strives to provide an understanding of owning and operating a business by being provided hands on knowledge and tools to achieve that goal. 

Beautiful Minds Entrepreneurship was thrust into demand with inquiries and referrals from KD Haircare Supply (A business created by my Daughters), from youth throughout United States requesting assists with opening a business — a beauty supply store that caters to natural and weave haircare consumer’s sisters ages 17-19 co-founders of KD Haircare Supply, LLC became the youngest women in State of California to own and operate a beauty supply store. Due to their successful business venture which led them to be featured on local news station KCAl-9/CBS-2, being feature by Magic Johnson 32 under 32 playbook business magazine, Solange Knowles St Heron magazine, multiple articles on BET, VIBE, ESSENCE, Black youth Project, BUZZ FEED UK, ROOTS, Madam Noire, VOICE, Walker’s Legacy, Boss Chicks and numerous other articles and magazines. 

  My  personal first business launched in 1998 with Davis Employment Center, an employment staffing agency that was able to secure contracts with March Air force Military base, City of Moreno Valley… and over the past 17 years I have garnished my business acumen with a Bachelors in Business Administration and my Masters in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix San Bernardino, California. Now with BME I want to show youth how to do it too…


Our mission is to inspire, guide, and encourage Beautiful Minds so they will explore, create, and develop into accomplished and well informed entrepreneurs.


Our purpose is to train, sponsor, and stimulate business minded youth with the importance of being creators of economics not just consumers.


Our goal is to provide direction, guidance, and resources by offering monetary sponsorship, training, and business mentoring to youth between 12-19 years of age. Our goal is to promote the importance of community economic development to our youth as well as assist them with obtaining hands on business endeavors for long lasting business innovations and entrepreneurship.